Checkout Iris west’s new hair for season 6 – The Flash star

The Flash star Candice Patton surprised fans (in a good way) when she revealed that her character Iris West is going to sport a different hairstyle in season 6.

The actress tweeted a photo of her hair last week, writing: “Means a lot to wear my curls on The Flash. And I know it will to so many of you who look like me.

Iris West Allen / the flash season 6

“We asked and our [executive producer Eric Wallace] gave me the go ahead.”

Speaking to TVLine, the actress elaborated further, stating that her character sporting a very natural look was “a big deal”, adding: “I’m happy we were able to do something small that has such large impact.”

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In her post, Patton teased that we would see the new style in season 6’s fifth episode, which Wallace expanded on by saying: “There’s a reason her hair is that way in the story, and it has to do with fun, and Iris just being herself, and letting the character show more sides of who she is.

“It’s also about letting Candice show more sides of who she is as a person and as an actress, which is something I support 100%. I love her hair that way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it more than once that way this season.”

The Flash airs on The CW in the US. Sky One and NOW TV air the show in the UK.

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